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Enquire about treatment options

Are you looking for affordable health care? Need help with treatment options? The All About Seniors team will be happy to assist you in finding the top hospitals and doctors in India for quality treatment at competitive rates. Enquire here for details.

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Rent medical equipment

Often, medical equipment for home use may only be a short-term requirement, so renting seems to be a practical option. But where do you look for reliable equipment at reasonable rents? All About Seniors can assist you in finding renting options for a variety of medical equipment.

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Find home care for the elderly

A senior living home is not an old age home but elder-friendly housing for purchase or rent. Built with the physical & social well-being of seniors in mind. All About Seniors can assist you with information about the various types of retirement living options available.

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Explore senior living homes

A senior living home is not an old age home. It is a new concept of elder-friendly housing available for purchase or rent, keeping the physical and social well-being of seniors in mind. The All About Seniors team can assist you with information about the various types of retirement living options available.

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Get a bouquet of products

Want to buy an exclusive birthday gift for your wife and don’t want her to know ? Or a new gadget for yourself ? Just log on to www.allaboutseniors.in and access popular e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart for a variety of exciting products at special prices

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Choose the best insurance policy

Multiple choices sometimes create confusion in choosing the best product. Insurance policies are available in plenty but to know what suits your needs, it is important to compare insurance policy quotes from various companies. The All About Seniors team is here to assist you with options.

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Listen to your Ears`

The latest technology allows you to win your struggle against hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss affects one in three people bythe age of 65. Nothing surprising! We’ve punished our ears with a lifetime of noise — from lawnmowers and hair dryers to car horns and loud music. New hearing aids, some as small as a jelly bean, are producing greater amplification with less distortion.

Kidney Stone : An Avoidable Disease`

Kidney stones are small, hard crystalline deposits formedin the kidneys and are painful when they pass through the urinary tract. But there is a solution to every problem. However, we must first understand what causes kidney stones.

Understand Heart Treatment

This month, we are working hard to bring you useful information about heart Treatment. What care should be taken, what is the cost of treatment, who are the best doctors in this field, and more.
If you have any enquiry, please e-mail us.

Which are the leading hospitals for the heart treatment ?

Get to know about the leading hospitals for heart treatment, as also the latest technology and treatments available in various hospitals. If you have any questions, write to us and we shall ask on your behalf and get you the answers.


Experience gives confidence. Get introduced to some of the leading cardiologists of India


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All About Seniors is a media house registered with the Government of India. The All About Seniors lifestyle magazine is the seniors’ best friend and confidante, keeping them informed, updated, active and involved.


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The All About Seniors team has nearly two decades of experience in the field of information gathering and presentation across different fields, including medical. Core team members have been leading professionals at reputed institutions like John Hopkins Medical Centre, ESPN, Zee Television, and Hindustan Times


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The AAS team is young and committed to the objective of taking you through a beautiful seniorhood. We question, experiment, innovate, follow-up and do all it takes to deliver a qualitative and courteous service to our seniors.


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Last, but not the least, we are a group of warm, caring and compassionate people, with the common goal of providing a high level of care and respect to our clients.


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