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Missing a Companion?

Most people have a time in their lives when they look up to their parents or grandparents and say to themselves – one day I will be like him/her. And the simple reason why this happens is that we see our reflection in them. Then why should every other senior citizen be different?

Senior Citizens are the walking mirrors that reflect the true teachings of life. They deserve the highest level of treatment and grandest level of enjoyment considering the value they posses. But it becomes sad to see them in a state of stress, loneliness and isolation. So what they need is a true companion who –


• Understands Them
• Respects Them
• Share their feelings and story
• Form a Bond & Be a Perfect Companion
• And this is exactly what All About Seniors aims to portray.

We Are Here!

All About Seniors is the Perfect Companion for Seniors.

All About Seniors is a magazine that reflects the true value of the Senior People in our society. This magazine will touch base on various aspects of the life of senior people; like

• Health
• Special Benefits
• Style & Shopping
• Travel 
• Technology
• Money Matters
• Food Recipes
• Creative Zone
• Inspirational Stories 
And lot more...

At All About Seniors, this beautiful spectrum of a senior’s lifestyle will be sprinkled with some fun, with a dash of love and respect. An important part of magazine will cover the story of real life heroes who act as a role model of inspiration and motivation for other similar age people and the younger generation too.

Not Just a Magazine – It’s a Journey

All About Senior is not just a magazine made of paper; in fact it’s a journey that will take you through the various colours of a senior person’s life where you may come across a colour in that rainbow which is a part of your life too. So it’s time to forget the worries, realize your value and have some fun. Read the magazine with an open heart and we are sure it would reflect yours somewhere in those mystic pages.

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Subscribe All About Seniors today remembering the famous quote by Abraham Lincoln that ~ “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years” “Celebrate Senior-hood with India’s Lifestyle Magazine”

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