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Home Care Services

The Home Health Care has evolved around the idea of providing nursing and palliative care to a patient who needs additional long-term care. These patients are stable stable enough to be discharged from hospital, however some companies also provide the popular ICU at home. These services are a win-win situation for both the hospital and the patient. The patient gets to recover in the comfort of his home at a lower cost and the hospitals too can focus on critical cases.

The Home Health Care service providers aim to provide patients with 3C’s - Cost effective treatment, Comfort of home, 24*7 Care takers.

Some of the benefits of home services over hospital are:

  1. Cost effective:
    Per day cost of hospitals can be heavy on pocket for many. The charges associated with home services are nominal. Moreover, keeping a patient for long term care in a hospital is not needed. After a couple of days the patient is fit enough to be back home but needs additional care.Thus providing nursing care at home is lighter on the pocket.

  2. Comfort of home:
    A hospital environment makes the patients feel gloomy. Being in the environment the patient is accustomed to aids recovery.

  3. Reduces the burden of caretakers:
    The onus of patient’s care lies completely on the family members. These services ease the care taking process and also reduce the burden on the caretakers. 

  4. Interaction with loved ones:
    Loved ones of the patient can not visit more than once or twice in the hospital. At home, the patient is always surrounded by his kith and kin.

  5. PersonalisedCare:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            To ensure the wellbeing of the patient, there is a full time, dedicated team of nurses and attendants.

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