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Assisting Living Gadgets for Seniors

Posted 2017-03-17

We have assembled a list of few gadgets that help in better and secured seniorhood. Below is that list of few products that helps in better security for seniors.


Pill reminders

It is a type of talking clock that reminds you of the works that you have to do or the medicines that you’re supposed to take. Just set the time and message once, and it’ll keep you updated. Buy Reminder Rosie Alarm

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This device is a digital pill dispenser. It is basically useful for the kids who are extremely concerned about the health of their parents. Once the medicine tray is filled, it schedules an online program and the kids could check if their parents have compiled or not. At the time of pill, the dispenser would unlock, allowing you to have the pills. And if the seniors forget to take the medicine, it reminds them of the prerecorded message and if the medicines are still not taken, it calls up to the registered numbers of the family members.

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It is a free app in which you set the time and the phone buzzes when it is the time to take pills. Medication and other important information can also be shared. It also has a feature in which you can upload the picture of the medicine and it adds it to the medication list by transcribing it.



Personal emergency response systems (PERS)

It provides you with medic alert pendants or wristbands which can be pressed in an emergency to alert registered family members. Many companies even have mobile PERS that works not only in your home but anywhere. It also includes fall detection. If it senses a fall, it quickly sends alerts to a call center even when the user hasn’t been able to press the button. Buy Now!

Below are few of the services and products making life beautiful for seniors in their respective countries.



Missing family members but can’t have a word with them? Don’t worry! With GrandCare, you can make video calls to your loved ones. It has a wide touch screen which not only helps you in video chat but also helps you in getting the latest news, playing games with a better experience, send instant messages, visiting websites, checking the calendar, and sharing photos.

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With the innovative technology, GeriJoy is a touch screen tablet that has the ability to talk. You just need to tap the screen and enjoy all the latest features. It is operated by the trained staff who speaks through the screen remotely. This device understands a person’s interest and asks how they’re feeling or what they want to do that day.

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