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Teachers getting Ready for Senior Hood

Posted 2017-03-22

Seniorhood is all about cherishing a new phase of your life. You can only cherish something when you’re healthy and happy. And this is possible only when you start preparing yourself from an early age.

All About Seniors organises events related to physiotherapy, health, money, relationship etc. to spread awareness among seniors who are 40 plus, just about to enter their silver age. One such event was held at Ramjas School, R.K. Puram, which turned out to be a great success.

Around 50 teachers of the School, who are getting ready to celebrate ageing, attended a physiotherapy session with All About Seniors.

Right Posture

The session started off with a crucial discussion on The Right Posture. Be it the posture of sitting, standing, walking or sleeping...right posture is always necessary to lead a healthy, pain-free life. According to the physiotherapist, wrong postures are the main reason for cramps, muscle pulls or joint pains.  A very known fact but surprisingly the right knowledge about the right posture by the leading physiotherapists was an eye opener for many. 


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Maintaining right posture is one of the most important areas one should be alert about. Also important is making sure that we exercise certain areas every day as per our work culture. Neck Pain, Joint Pains and Knee Pain came across as an area of concern for the teachers.  Volunteering themselves, teachers learned and also revised some of the easy and very basic exercises that should form part of their daily routine.  One to one discussion apart from group study between  Doctors and Teachers was a satisfactory movement for All About Seniors team.


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Not just the daily exercises but a healthy diet is also a prerequisite for the fit lifestyle. Dietician shared the necessity of the protein diet for the teachers apart from sharing the other ingredients the teacher's lunch box must have.  Shaping the future of the country, these teachers are engrossed in serving students, family & society, very often forgetting the need to rejuvenate oneself internally too.The diet coaching was a joyful activity for all the teachers who cherished the personal guidance by the leading dietician, hence overcoming their doubts and confusions.


Prevention is better than cure. Attending such small informative sessions act like the revision of chapters of life with respect to health and graceful ageing.

If you also want to attend or organise such event, please feel free to write to us at life@allaboutseniors.in

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