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The Role Model for the Indian Society. Meet the teacher, teaching to prepare for the exam of life, through her own example.

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Catching up with the times, Ready for Retirement.

Posted 2017-03-30


Indian Society is going through a transition and during this time only different role models and trailblazers will be formed.

One such role model in making is Mrs. Suman Khanna, Teacher, Ramjas School, New Delhi.


Teaching for over 31 years, Mrs. Khanna still has 5 years to retire from work.

Listening to the latest ideas, exploring the new technology, and adapting to the fresh ways of communication, Mrs. Khanna maintains her youth by mixing these tools with her positive attitude.


“I joined this school when I was unmarried. I got married, have kids, friends to enjoy with, but the passion for teaching never deteriorated. I’ve seen generations coming and going in this school, 3 decades is not a short time. Kids used to ask questions in class or in free periods but now it’s all done on social media. We used to stay connected with students personally, earlier, but now it’s all digitized. But it’s okay, with time, comes higher technologies and we need to accustom us to that. There’s nothing wrong in accepting changes, in moving with time and technology. Other than that, I feel complete for being able to do what I always wanted to do.” -- Mrs. Khanna.


Way ahead: Planning for life after regular work

Surrounded with kids for over 30 years allows Mrs.Khanna to understand the importance of freedom, particularly for the new generation. Along with this, taking an insight from the problems pervading the Indian Society especially with respect to Silver years of life, she already has plans for her post-retirement life.


“I realize what freedom is very important to every individual and I think it’s high time when we plan to live separately. We had our lives with our kids, now it’s our kids’ time to live theirs with their subsequent partners. Life would be better if we don’t interfere in our kids’ lives and they don’t interfere in ours but deep down in our hearts, we know that we are together and present for each other at any given circumstance. Relationships are better when people are at a distance, distance in houses not hearts.” - Mrs. Khanna.


Working towards emotional, physical and financial independence, Mrs. Khanna is a role model for many young teachers in the school.


“I still have 5 years to serve. I don’t know what I am going to do after retirement but all I know is...whatever I do, I’ll do it independently. I am, very surely going to teach, because teaching is my passion, I can’t live without that. But other than that, I want to live independently, away from my kids, respectfully. I don’t know what others do in their retirement phase, but I am surely going to enjoy that phase of life, as well.”-- Mrs. Khanna.


She is indeed an inspirational teacher, teaching to prepare for the exam of life, with her own example.


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