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Kids.Parents.Grandparents . Who needs what.

Posted 2017-03-29

Everyone is working hard for their senior hood. A better retirement plan, luxuries, better education and facilities for kids and holidays is all that we plan for. But do we ever think what we, as an individual, should be like?

Many seniors came ahead to share their ideas of an ideal senior hood. The most interesting and concerned extract was shared by Ms. Jasmeet, who is a proud mother and a daughter who has views on both generations. Ms. Jasmeet is a teacher at Ramjas School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi who has a concern about senior hood which should be thought upon by every senior.

Ms. Jasmeet says, “I strongly feel that there’s is a need of awareness among seniors about their own selves because our seniors spend their whole life in celebrating and cherishing their children’s growth, success, birthdays, achievements but forget their own selves. They forget that they also have a life, they also have achievements and talents which needs to be acknowledged and celebrated by others. Seniors should take care of themselves because if they’ll be fit, then only they will be able to enjoy their children’s happiness. Seniors need to understand that more than a parent’s support, a kid wants their parents to be healthy and fit.” This difficult point was beautifully explained by Ms. Jasmeet.

It is 2017, people are more comfortable with their own space and freedom. Keeping people forcefully together doesn’t lead to a happy family or surrounding. It’s better to have your own space and liberty and live life on your own terms, independently, with equal respect. When seniors are financially independent, then why not physically and emotionally?

Ms. Jasmeet, in her concern also said, “It’s not just about seniors only, but their kids also. Kids shouldn’t take their parents for granted. They shouldn’t tell their parents that since you’re growing old, you shouldn’t dress up so fancy. Kids shouldn’t overpower seniors. And that is only possible if kids are taught to be independent. In Indian families, kids are dependent on their parents for all their expenses, because parents give them the liberty to consider them as their pillars. But since we are living in a century where nothing is impossible, these notions can be doubtful. Kids of today don’t value money because they don’t know what it actually takes to be an independent.

Our society needs to understand. Backing kids, being there for them is a different thing but letting them rely upon their parents is a completely different thing. This spoils kids to an extent, giving them further liberties in due time.

For solution, Ms. Jasmeet suggested, “There should be a thin line between parents and kids. Parents are going to be there for kids and vice-versa while the wall remains intact. There should be no interference in each other’s lives, no imposing of ideas or values, then only all of us can grow independently. Parents should tell their kids that ‘you are free to wear or go wherever you want and I’ll wear or go wherever I want. I want you to know that I’ll be there for you when you need me and I know that you’ll be there for me when I need you but let’s just maintain that thin line and live our lives according to us’”.

We need more of such thoughts in our society. This is exactly what we need in today’s world.

All About Seniors want to thank Ms. Jasmeet for sharing her thoughts with us and would welcome more such thoughts or suggestions which could help our seniors live a healthy and independent life, with their dignity intact.

You can write your suggestions or ideas to us at life@allaboutseniors.in

We are eagerly waiting for your ideas.

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