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Relationships: Playing A Significant Role In Our Lives

Posted 2017-02-07

We live in a society that has only taught us to fulfill the worldly desires and requirements. Completing the targets on time, being the best person in front of the head, paying bills at time, staying updated about all the latest news and gossips, everything revolves around this clock. Being an organised and systematic is good but, Hey! humans cannot be robots.

Somewhere between reaching these goals and keeping a smile on our faces while reaching towards them, we tend to forget about our family. Those loved ones who supported us in following our dreams and not thinking about the world. Somewhere down the corner, we all have taken a step back in taking care or remembering them.

But why? Afterall, they were and are our support system in our hard times. They fought for us, with us for better tomorrow and now that we are living a better today, we often leave them behind in their old age and move forward. Our parents, especially when they are old need our emotional and sometimes physical support just to make sure that their children do care and think about them. It’s time that we show some love and respect to our seniors, whether they are our parents or grandparents. Everybody needs love and affection and today, we at All About Seniors have put this article together to make our young adults and children understand the value of relationships in their lives.

Give a thought on the below topics about how you can make your elderly parents and grandparents feel special in their old days and make them realise that they are and always be special for us!

1. Give them your time- Spending few hours or even a day with them will make them feel special. For them, these the age when they don’t desire of any worldly things just, plenty good memories with the family to cherish. You can spend the time doing anything, from outings to karaoke nights at your place or even just by sitting and reliving the past years will turn out to be very euphoric.


2. Appreciate them- Our parents have sacrificed a lot to fulfill our wishes. Even when we wanted some stupid things, they never thought twice but bought it for us. Appreciate them for everything that they’ve done for us. We might not have appreciated them at that time, but it’s never late to say thank you to anyone! Thank them for the time they had dedicated for us leaving all their hobbies and activities hey loved.   


3. Surprise them-  As much we young adults love getting surprises our old ones love them too, they just hesitate in asking for anything. By just giving them a thank you note to taking them to surprise dinner, anything can surprise them. Small gestures to big ones can bring a big smile on their faces and heart. Moreover, appreciating them in front of their friends can make them jump in surprise.


4. Enlighten them with new things- New things can vary from technology to latest lifestyle to different cuisine. Make them feel hungry of new things around them. Same old things can be boring after sometime. Let them know, new is good. Make them realise that they can be independent even in their old age and don’t have to be dependent on their children for everything. As they will gradually feel comfortable with new things they can live a better life. 


Give your parents and grandparents the place they deserve in your life. Always remember your family will always be by your side no matter what happens. Give them the love and affection they deserve and make them feel the importance they have in your life.

Do you think, there is something that we’ve missed in valuing our elders importance? Write us at life@allaboutseniors.in and we'll make sure that we add that too. You can also share your stories with us about how your children made you feel special or how did you surprise your parents or grandparents to thank them for everything.  

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