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"Age is just a number is what many believe They are the ones who never let the vitality cease"


Travelling is a revitalising and enriching recreational activity for all age groups. The travel section is a handy partner-in-crime for the readers who believe that every part of the world is their second home.

Every month we'll be sharing with our readers the quaint places for exploration and information/details on travelling essentials. Not only that, we will also provide our subscribers with discounts on their travels and irresistible schemes from various travel groups.

How To Follow Your Dream And Spend Your Retirement Traveling The World

Many avid travelers fantasize about ditching all their possessions and hitting the road during retirement. Lynne and Tim Martin have actually done it. Three years ago they sold their house in California, gave away any belongings that wouldn’t fit in a 10 foot by 15 foot storage locker and declared themselves “home free.” Her memoir, Home Sweet Anywhere: How We Sold Our House, Created a New Life, and Saw the World, is one of two new books that cater to an apparently growing number of baby boomers who would like to spend their golden years as ex-pats.


Pre-trip planning for seniors

Suggestions include:
• Consult with your travel agent for suggestions. For example, many tour operators specialise in accommodating the needs of travelling seniors.
• Find out about the medical facilities in the areas you will be visiting.
• Research important factors such as climate, language and culture. Buy a guide book and read it before you go.
• Make arrangements for wheelchairs, guide dogs and seating needs well in advance.
• Organise travel insurance with pre-existing illness cover if needed.
• If you are concerned about your health, arrange to go on a package tour.


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